PVC Majesty Column Wraps



Majesty Column Wraps are manufactured using PVC trimboard, and can be customized to your specifications with great attention to detail.

We use a computerized Biesse CNC machining centre to manufacture our PVC columns, giving us the ability to precisely match the product to the needs of your project. Majesty Column Wraps can be ordered fully assembled or one side loose to wrap an existing support post.

PVC Majesty Column Wraps vs. Wood

PVC trimboard offers the centuries-old familiarity and workability of wood, but with none of the drawbacks; it won’t rot, fade or split, and it holds its beautiful appearance for decades.

Moisture cycling is a main reason for paint failure on wood. Because PVC trimboard absorbs no moisture, and paints last longer on PVC Trimboard than on wood (usually 3 to 4 times longer).

Because PVC Trimboard does not absorb moisture, paint can take as long as 30 days to fully cure, depending on outdoor temperatures and humidity. PVC Trimboard does not require paint for protection, but it can be painted – using specific types of paint.

Glen Allan is not liable for paint used on PVC Trimboard and/or the results of its use.

Customized To Your Vision

If you have a picture you are looking to match with PVC Majesty Column Wraps, send it to us and we will be more than happy to work along side with you on your project.

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